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Tobaccology is a cigar company that sells premium and boutique cigars, as well as pipes and pipe tobaccos. The brand has brick-and-mortar stores in Virginia, which feature walk-in humidors and lounging areas for enjoying their products in-store.

The Challenge

Although Tobaccology had a strong social media presence, they didn’t have an ecommerce website to assist with follow-through for its online marketing efforts. The brand regularly and actively advertised specials and posted cigar samplers on its Facebook page. However, without an ecommerce website, customers interested in the Facebook promotions had to make a special trip to one of the brand’s locations to purchase products in-store. This also meant that Tobaccology’s pool of prospective customers was limited to those living in the vicinity of one of its two brick-and-mortar locations.

Online Obstacles Overcome

To help Tobaccology, Cigarketing developed and launched a brand new website for Tobaccology that features both ecommerce and informational functionalities.

On the ecommerce side, the new website provides Tobaccology a simple way to manage inventory and add new products without having to deal with complex coding. With automatic billing capabilities, it also gives Tobaccology the ability to easily manage Cigar of the Month clubs, even at different pricing tiers.

Ecommerce aside, the website also features the informational components needed to continue to help Tobaccology drive in-store traffic and connect with the brand’s customer base.

The Results

With a new website, Tobaccology was able to finally offer online sales, helping to exponentially expand its customer base and help current customers to better taken advantage of promotions.

Tobaccology is a cigar shop with multiple locations in Virginia. We wanted one website that could highlight both stores and give our customers all across the country the ability to buy online. We love the site Cigarketing built. It's easy to manage, runs smoothly, and gives us room to grow.

Brett Fry

Owner, Tobaccology

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