Optimizing Your Cigar Shop Website for the Holidays

The holidays are always around the corner. Are you looking for a way to increase your online cigar sales for the holidays? If so, optimizing your cigar shop website for the holiday season is your ticket to more traffic and sales. Ready to have an optimized holidays cigar shop website?

The demand for cigars increases as the holidays come around too. Whether it’s Christmas or the New Year, there’s someone looking to get their Robusto or corona fix. 

These are the people you’ll want to tailor your cigar shop marketing towards. Cigar lounge marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Tweak some areas of your site for SEO and mobile-friendliness, and you’ll ensure your sales drought will go up in smoke. 

Want to learn more? If you’ve answered “yes,” light up your Lonsdale and stick around to learn more about optimizing your cigar shop website for the holiday season! 

Local SEO is Your Friend

Where’s the best place to hide anything? If you guessed “on the second page of the Google search engine results pages,” you’re spot on! 

Kidding aside, more than 60% of all traffic to sites begins on search engines. People type a product or service on a search tab and get redirected to a list of sites that offer these. 

When it comes to cigar shop marketing, you can expect the same thing to be true. If you want to sell more of your Panatela or Toro boxes for the holidays, start with your site’s SEO. 

SEO may take some getting used to, but there are things you can do to make your cigar shop stand out. For starters, you can include your cigar e-commerce site on a Google My Business directory. 

“Why Google My Business?” This is to ensure that you attract more customers within your immediate locality. According to Search Engine Journal, local searches account for nearly half of all searches. 

Get Blogging

One other thing you can do SEO-wise invests in a blog. The purpose of a blog is two-fold. For starters, it tells whoever ends up on your site that you’re the go-to expert on your product — cigars. 

This builds credibility, and credibility is in short supply these days. Position yourself as an authority on all things cigar-related, and you’ll be a household name amongst cigar aficionados. 

The other benefit of a blog is less obvious, and it’s got something to do with SEO. Nothing beats being visible on a search engine like Google. One way to maximize your chances of ranking on the first pages of the search engine is with keyword-rich content. Keywords in your site content can mean the difference between being a relevant search result and being swept under the rug by other results. 

If you have the right keywords with the right density in your cigar website, you’ll likely appear on relevant searches. When this happens, you’ll get more people to click on your site and check out a box or two of Parejos. 

Keywords are crucial in SEO. Where do you put them? You can put them in places like your site headings, but nowhere gives you more opportunities for this than your blog section. 

Give Your Site a Holiday Makeover

Granted, you’ll only have to keep this up for about as long as the holiday season lasts. However, people who end up on your site want to see that your cigar business has caught the holiday bug too. Your customers are more likely to buy a product of your site if they do. 

Giving your site a holiday theme isn’t as complicated as you might think. In fact, if you designed your cigar website, you can make plenty of small design changes for the holiday, such as:

  • A header that signals the holiday
  • Fonts in various holiday colors (like green and red at Christmas)
  • A footer with holiday graphics

The possibilities are endless. The point is to show through your cigar lounge marketing that you’re in the holiday spirit just like your cigar-loving clientele. 

Include Holiday Offers

Besides a holiday theme, nothing screams “holiday season” louder than a holiday offer. Offers need to be part of your cigar marketing strategy. During the holidays, you can bet these will please your customers. 

Not sure what your holiday offers can be? Here are a couple of ideas to get you on your merry way. 


This one is a no-brainer. The holiday season is a time when everybody gets into gift-giving mode. This is why it’s the time of year for you to give out discount offers. You can do this in two ways. 

You can give your discount offers site-wide. If that doesn’t fit your marketing strategy, you can give them to members of your site if you have customers on a subscription list. 

Coupons to Your Site’s Members 

If your e-commerce cigar business is subscription-based, try giving out coupons. Coupons for your loyal customers are an excellent way of saying thanks alongside bidding season’s greetings. 

With coupons, your customers feel appreciated and treasured — whether they’ve been naughty or nice this year. 

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Do most of your customers access your site using their computers or their mobile devices? The latest industry statistics don’t lie. According to Small Biz Genius, more than 70% of buyers make purchases and browse product offerings using their phones. 

Making your site mobile-friendly is a key part of optimizing your cigar shop website. Making your site appear and function well on mobile phones contributes to a positive user experience. 

To make your site mobile-friendly, pay attention to these two things — page loading speed and layout. Page layout shouldn’t be too much of a problem, especially if you’ve used a code-free CMS to build your site. 

However, steer clear of the high-resolution videos and images. These cause your site’s speed to slow down unless you compress them. When your page loading speed takes a hit, so will your traffic and sales. 

Follow These Tips for Optimizing Your Cigar Shop Website for the Holiday Season! 

Yes, it’s possible to DIY your cigar shop site tweaks. These small changes to your site can reel in more customers for each holiday season. By decorating your site and dialing in its local SEO, offers, and mobile-friendliness, you’ll be lighting up a cigar of your own in celebration — and so will your customers.   

Need a little more help in your cigar shop marketing? We have tips to help your site appeal to visitors, thus maximizing your clientele. Reach out to us now at Cigarketing today to optimize, impress, and gain more success!

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