Mastering Email Marketing For Cigar Shops: Building a Strong Subscriber Base

Staying competitive in today’s cigar industry requires a multi-faceted marketing approach that reaches a larger, more savvy audience. Email marketing for cigar shops is one of the most effective ways to boost your cigar business’s visibility while keeping fully engaged with your customers. 

So, our email marketing all-stars have put together this quick guide to show you how to grow your customer base and power up sales through email marketing.

Choosing the Right Email Marketing Platform

Email marketing can be a key component to driving sales growth, yet an email marketing plan will only deliver optimal results if you have the right tools for the job. So, finding an email marketing platform tailored to your goals is the best way to create, implement, and measure email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing platforms combine all the tools necessary to kickstart your marketing strategies. Popular email marketing platforms like Campaigner or Brevo offer multi-level customization and app integration. You’ll have the flexibility to design campaigns that fit your needs, grow your email subscriber list, and ensure you get the best out of your email marketing. 

There are many email marketing platforms from which to choose, from easy-to-use platforms for those new to marketing to expansive, more robust platforms for experienced marketing professionals. So, consider your email marketing budget and the features you’ll need to implement your marketing plan. 

The top features you might look for include email templates, e-commerce integration, landing page creator, targeted email, SMS and Chat integration, list management, analytics reports, and return on investment (ROI) tracker. These features and more can help you create winning email tactics that connect you with customers and propel sales onward and upward.

Building Your Cigar Enthusiast Subscriber List

Email subscriptions are a way to gather user information that you can use to build more relevant campaigns. Gaining subscribers through your website or social media platforms is a great way to spark customer engagement that can lead to sales. So, email marketing for cigar shops relies upon a great email subscriber list.

Your customers should organically generate subscriptions. Avoid buying subscriber lists, as they deliver underwhelming results at best. Attracting subscribers organically with exclusive content or special offers is a great way to grow your subscriber list. Retaining subscribers requires quality, relevant email content that continues to offer value to the subscriber. So, always tailor email marketing to your list of subscribing cigar enthusiasts. 

Crafting Compelling Cigar Campaigns

Once you have your email subscriber list loaded with cigar enthusiasts, you can set email marketing campaigns into motion. The best cigar campaigns feature top-quality, compelling digital content that delivers optimal conversion rates. The conversion rate is the percentage of subscribers who follow through on your email’s call to action (CTA). Higher conversion rates mean greater sales opportunities. The best chance of maintaining high conversion rates is by ensuring a captivating subscriber experience from email content to landing pages and beyond. 

So, quality email marketing campaigns ensure subscribers drive up conversion rates consistently. Conversion-focused email campaigns also allow you to engage with your customers directly, further enhancing your brand voice, customer retention, and sales. 

Measuring Success: Analyzing Email Marketing Metrics

Designing and implementing an email marketing campaign is great, yet you won’t know how good it is unless you can measure its components. That’s where marketing metrics come in. Email marketing metrics help you understand how well the different parts of your email campaign function. 

For example, email marketing provides one of the highest levels of overall Return on Investment (ROI). So, tracking email-generated sales and subtracting the cost of implementing the email campaign indicates the quality of your ROI. Revenue per email is another indicator that provides a glimpse into how individual emails perform rather than the overall view provided by ROI.

Other metrics commonly used to measure email marketing success include:

  • Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
  • Open Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • List Growth Rate
  • Unsubscribe Rate
  • Sharing Rate

These are just a few of the many metrics you can use to paint a vivid picture of your campaign’s email marketing performance. Email marketing metrics give you the information necessary to rate each campaign’s success level and evolve your marketing strategies to spark optimal engagement and sales growth.

Power Up Cigar Sales with Email Marketing

Successful email marketing for cigar shops increases your business’s online presence while encouraging consistent customer engagement. You’ll see winning results as your email subscriber list grows and customers more actively engage with you through email campaigns, increasing sales and maximizing your overall ROI. 

Cigarketing can help you develop the best email marketing strategies to achieve your marketing goals. Now is the time to unlock the endless possibilities of your cigar shop’s email marketing. So, schedule a session with our email marketing gurus today!

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