How To Double Your Cigar Sales

There is a huge market of cigar aficionados, and people who like to enjoy a cigar every now and then. Just like any other industry, the cigar industry needs to go with the flow. This is for it to evolve and tailor itself according to the customer’s requirements and taste. Many times, especially for cigar bars and lounges,  cigar sales are tied in with the sale of other products, such as hard alcohol and beer. If you are a retailer of cigars along with alcohol and other products, then this article is just for you. We will go through different methods you can use to boost and double your cigar sales in-store.

Choosing the Right Products

First, you need to choose complementary products that bring people to your store. After that, entice them to add cigars to their purchase. According to most retailers, a small portion of customers actually come to the store just to buy cigars. This is why your product selection matters greatly.

Are you keeping a small inventory of cigars while other products are in larger quantities in your store? Make sure that you market your store as such. Stick to the bestselling cigars, rather than placing new and unrecognizable items on your shelf that people won’t consider. There are many renowned cigar brands that you can stock, such as La Gloria Cubana, Macanudo, Davidoff Signature Series, etc. Does your store pull in a good amount of younger customers that are interested in cigars? Then you can consider keeping a small assortment of newer brands and products, too.

Along with the brand, you should also offer a variety of different flavors and options for cigars in your store. Customers love good variety. Offering a wide assortment will open up the lines of communication for you to make recommendations. Recommendations that are based on their preferences or additional purchases.

Stocking up on Cigar Accessories

Apart from having a good variety of the best cigar brands in your retail store, another thing you can do to boost cigar sales is maintain an inventory of high-quality cigar accessories. These accessories may include cigar cutters, lighters, flasks, ashtrays, and humidors. 

You can make recommendations for your customer to add on as needed. This is by stocking up on cigar accessories in the store. This not only increases the volume of the order but increases the likelihood that you have created a repeat customer. People will know your store not only has everything they need. Moreover, boasts high-level customer service to make their experience something they’ll remember and return to.

Restructuring the Products

Put them at a location where they are clearly visible. This is one of the key methods to boost your cigar sales. Whether you have a liquor store or a general retail store, placing the cigars closer to the checkout counter will appeal to your customers’ last-minute impulse buying tendencies.

If you really want to double your cigar sales, there is no better way to do so than to install a walk-in cigar humidor or a large humidor with windows and clear visibility into the products placed inside. You should place the humidor at a location where a majority of your customers must pass by it, and you should also ensure that it has proper lighting and attractive décor to reel them in.

Most liquor stores and other types of stores have tried the walk-in humidor strategy and according to them, cigar sales instantly increased by 30-40% once they installed the humidor or had it repositioned and redone. You may think that your existing walk-in humidor is sufficient to boost your cigar sales, but customers are always looking for something new – or something that stands out.

If you aren’t in favor of designing or constructing your own humidor, you can get in touch with one of the companies that build ready units that you just have to place in your store. It may seem like a hefty cost at the time, but it would pay you back in the form of increased cigar sales.

Pairing Cigars with Beverages

Another insightful way to amplify your cigar sales is to pair them with other products from your inventory, and cigars always pair wonderfully with alcohol. Although cigars have always been commonly paired with whiskey and other brown spirits, modern cigar aficionados have tried out different types of alcohol with them, such as vodka, brandy, cognac, beer, etc.

Since your customers are eager to experiment with different flavors of cigars and alcohols, it is up to you to pair different options together and place them side-by-side on your shelves and racks. This way, customers would be more inclined to try out the combinations that you have to offer. Most of the customers that walk into a cigar bar or lounge are looking to have a good time or relax, so they will jump at the pairing suggestions that you lay down in front of them.

Final Thoughts

Making sure your shop is well-equipped with good accessories, addressing the visibility of your product, and presenting customers with well-researched pairings are all necessary steps to increase and double your cigar sales in-store. If you need customized help, that’s what we do best. We would be happy to partner with you to maximize your marketing efforts. Reach out today, and let’s talk.

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