How to Get Your Cigar Business Noticed Locally

Getting your cigar shop noticed locally is one of the most challenging steps for new cigar businesses. That being said, it is also the most rewarding step of a new business! Local support for your cigar shop can have outsized effects on profits, marketing costs, and returning customers. 

The cigar industry is exciting and full of amazing individuals; regular crowds that roll through such shops are often friendly and loyal. Running a cigar shop may seem like a dream when you’re finally there face to face, but the inner workings of strategic marketing plans for cigar shops can sometimes feel like a little rain on your parade. How do you get your cigar shop noticed, locally? This article will focus on some of the most important factors for getting your cigar shop the attention it deserves. 

Personable advertising, enticing cigar events, increased customer engagement, and online cigar marketing are all instrumental in building the legendary local cigar shop that you were meant to run.

Make Your Cigar Business A Part of Your Community 

In the age of global commerce and massive corporations, it seems as though the system isn’t built for small businesses to thrive. In a sense, this is true. Small businesses often struggle to make a name for themselves alongside national brands and chains. Luckily, local businesses can still find success through grassroots movements.

The support of your local community can be a huge advantage in getting your cigar shop noticed. When you aren’t a well-known brand name, word of mouth can do wonders! For this reason, it’s important to do your best to make your cigar shop part of the community.

One way to do this is to include your face and name in advertisements for your cigar shop. You might not stick with this strategy for years, but it can be helpful in the beginning months as you spread awareness of your local cigar business. Becoming a familiar face helps integrate your business into the community. Whether people recognize you or not, it makes your cigar shop appear welcoming and trustworthy. 

If you have profits to spare, becoming a donor to a fund within your community can earn your cigar shop recognition and respect. Look to connect with local charities, schools, or other programs that would accept your donations. Make sure to be loud and proud about it, but choose a partner that aligns with your values and truly helps your community.

Cigar Events That Will Boost Traffic

Events are an effective way to boost traffic to your cigar store for multiple reasons. One, they get your brand in front of a larger group of people, many of which are potential cigar consumers. Two, they give people a good reason to try out something new. Third, and lastly, they generate revenue to continue growing your cigar shop.

A cigar event may seem attractive, but what sort of event should you organize? One great strategy for brainstorming ideas is to examine successful cigar events in cities around your area. Determine what types of events are likely to attract smokers in your community. There are plenty of options, from small shop events to large conventions. 

Small events that only concern your business can take many different forms. You could host an event where customers can buy and smoke discounted cigars that are exclusive to that day or weekend. Limited-time offers are a great incentive. Competitions can also attract great customers. You might consider hosting a slow-smoking or cigar rolling competition with attractive rewards! 

An event at your cigar shop can be as big or small as you want it to be. You could just have a rep come to your cigar shop and set up a table of their products, and talk to your customers about their cigars and their cigar business. Cigar smokers love to learn new things about cigars. It is a hobby, after all. Or you can go big and throw a block party or have a local band come by if you have the available space to do so. 

Another effective strategy is to look for other small businesses that could benefit from a joint event. Becoming involved with other businesses in your area signals that you are a legitimate part of the local economy and cigar market. Not only that, but you manage to introduce your cigar business’s brand name to a whole new array of potential customers.

Engaging With Customers Locally And Digitally

It is important to connect with both regular and potential customers often when growing a cigar shop. There are plenty of different lanes you can pursue to engage with customers. It’s important to seek out ways to engage with customers locally and digitally 

Engaging with your customers locally encompasses many different strategies. Getting your advertisements in front of the right faces can do wonders for your local recognition. Consider strategically-placed billboards or signs around town to drive traffic to your store (no pun intended). 

Being present at your business during open hours can also make a great impression as you engage with customers in your shop. Organic engagement with your customers is almost guaranteed if you can be there to chat, give recommendations, and take feedback. Not only will this improve relationships and create returning customers, but you will also learn more about your target audience and what they want to see from your store.

When it comes to the digital realm, there are many ways in which you can get your cigar shop name recognized by locals. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer options for targeted ads that you can tweak to geographical areas and target demographics. Effective social media pages do not only advertise but serve as gathering spots online for aficionados. 

To engage with customers online, consider utilizing polls, giveaways, private groups, and discussions to build online relationships. Encourage reviews and feedback online as much as you can. Not only does this increased awareness of your cigar shop’s brand, but it drives traffic to your online cigar store.

Use The Internet To Your Advantage

Regardless of which industry you are working in, spreading the good word about your business locally requires digital marketing. Your brick-and-mortar operation is integral to your profits, but failing to ignore the online world is tossing away a golden opportunity.

There are many other ways to use the internet to your advantage. Getting your cigar business noticed locally can require some more in-depth digital cigar marketing. Focusing on the Google search engine is a great place to start. Explore the advertisement options from Google to see which might fit your cigar business the best. 

Another smart move for growing your cigar shop online is the use of proper Search Engine Optimization. The factors that contribute to SEO vary greatly. For example, the frequency and accuracy of your keywords are important. Creating a business blog can simultaneously give local customers another way to connect with you as well as drive more search engine traffic to your cigar business’s website.

Growing a local business is tough, but incredibly rewarding. Things such as events, social media, SEO, and more can feel suffocating. This is when hiring professionals can rescue your vision. When it comes to getting your cigar shop recognized in your local community, and beyond, look to Cigarketing for help every step of the way. 

To see what Cigarketing can do for you, contact us here!

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