Cigar Shops and the Mobile Experience

Cigar shops and lounge owners have had a challenging time trying to market their products online. That’s because of the sensitive nature of cigars, and also due to competition. There are some cigar retailers that believe there isn’t a need to be aggressive with their cigar shop marketing. Keep in mind that cigar enthusiasts are looking for an exceptional mobile buying experience from cigar shops online.

In this day and age, any kind of business has to adapt or bite the dust of those who do. Today, adapting means being relevant on the internet. What better way to do so than by having a mobile-optimized website? Here, we’ll discuss why it’s important for cigar shops to provide a solid mobile experience. 

1. It Significantly Increases Website Traffic

Did you know that about 80% of the world’s population owns a smartphone, or that about 79% of smartphone users made a purchase using them? Those are some staggering statistics.

That means that almost everyone, all around the world, spends a significant amount of time on their smartphones and buying things online rather than going to physical shops.

Cigar lounge marketing has had its focus on in-person face-to-face product sales, but that has to change. Given the huge amount of people relying heavily on the products and the services that their smart devices allow them to acquire, that means that having a mobile-optimized website is key to increasing traffic.

There’s a difference between websites developed for computers as compared to websites developed for mobile devices. You see, computers and mobile devices have different standards when it comes to displaying a website on your screen. 

If a website is not optimized for mobile use then it will not display right on smartphones or tablets. It will not look good and result in users leaving your website. Website mobile optimization is key to having consumers stay, interact with your website, and eventually make a purchase. 

2. Sites Rank Better in Google Searches

Here’s a huge reason why the mobile-friendliness of your website is going to be a tremendous help for your cigar business. Google, the tech giant and the most popular search engine has recently announced that they are going to put a premium on the user experience when it comes to their search engine rankings.

You can search for the topic core web vitals on the internet right now if you want to. Essentially, these are metrics that judge whether a user had a good experience when visiting your website. If your website gets good marks or scores as per the metrics, then Google ranks you higher. Granted, of course, that you’ve satisfied a few more important SEO requirements.

A mobile-optimized website is sure to get good scores when it comes to delivering a good user experience. This way, your website ranks higher. As your ranking increases, your credibility does too, and the likelier users will purchase your products.

Mobile optimized websites load faster, are more intuitive, and are responsive. Please take note that online shoppers have the shortest attention span and so you have to reel them in fast or lose a business opportunity. Your website has got to offer a seamless experience from product selection all the way to checkout and payment. 

3. Responsiveness Goes a Long Way

A website’s responsiveness is everything when it comes to user satisfaction. Your website may rank high, you may have the best products available on the internet, or you may have the most informative content, but if your website is not responsive, then you’ll still lose business.

This is a make-or-break situation for cigar shops and the mobile experience. Responsiveness refers to how fast your website dynamically adapts to the screen where it’s viewed. Not all smart devices have the same orientation or frame size and mobile-optimized websites are intuitive enough to adapt quickly.

Also, there can be complex data shown on your website, as well as fast interaction with the user. As for button clicks, queries, checkboxes, and pop-ups, these elements should all be working smoothly. Did you know that Google will only score your website “Good” if it loads the entire page in under 2.5 seconds? 

That’s how tough competition is. If your website is not yet mobile optimized, then it’s not up to par with standards. 

4. Increased Customer Satisfaction and Conversion

Now we’ve come to the end goal of this whole campaign, i.e., conversions. Once you have satisfied visitors, they are likely to click on products and purchase them.

This was all made possible because your website is optimized for mobile use. Your website is responsive, ranks high in Google, and gives the user a top-quality experience. As mentioned, if the entire process from product selection to payment is smooth with no distractions, then you generate more income.

Additionally, if your website is mobile optimized then the likelihood of repeat visits from potential customers is high. Take note that 57% of customers are likely to return to your website if it loads lightning fast. 

Let’s also take into consideration that a lot of businesses still don’t have mobile-optimized websites. Take this chance to move ahead of the competition. Like we said in our introduction, not a lot of cigar retailers are as aggressive when it comes to online marketing. 

This is your chance to take the top spot. 

Cigar Shops and the Mobile Experience: The Solution You Need

The solution is literally in the palm of your hands. That smartphone or tablet is the key to success. Data doesn’t lie, and it’s proven that people love browsing the internet using their mobile devices.

Having a website that’s optimized for mobile use is already a huge edge against your competition. It’s clear that there’s a correlation between cigar shops and a good mobile and user experience.

Be part of the percentage of cigar retailers that do the right thing. Be a cigar industry leader. Need help getting started? Contact Cigarketing today.

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