Cigar Marketing Strategy – Do You Prefer To Smoke Alone or Not?

“Do people prefer smoking cigars alone?” That is the question every cigar business should be asking before developing a marketing plan. Unfortunately, the when and how cigar enthusiasts choose to smoke is often overlooked in traditional marketing plans. Yet recent studies show that decoding cigar customers’ behavioral patterns are key to a successful marketing strategy. So, here is a look at how you can use customer trends to turn a cigar marketing plan into thriving cigar sales.

Do You Prefer To Smoke Alone Or Are You a Social Smoker

A recent cigar market survey began by asking cigar smokers from 21 to 60+ years old, “Do you prefer to smoke alone?” with a majority of respondents indicating they usually smoke in social gatherings rather than alone, especially amongst the 21 to 45-year-old bracket. This confirms what many in the cigar industry have already observed through experience, yet it also points to other observations that can lead to greater marketing opportunities.

The survey suggests that building marketing plans which focus on “are you a social smoker” rather than smoking alone can trigger a sense of nostalgia or desire to create positive cigar-related memories. This emotional link can fit into all forms of marketing mediums to showcase the social bonds created by enjoying cigars in the company of others. This can lead to increased traffic and sales. 

Where Do People Buy Cigars

The cigar market survey also offers a glimpse into how cigar enthusiasts purchase cigars. Cigar shops are the most popular destinations, preferred by 82 percent of all respondents. This is followed by 51 percent reporting they shop online and 37 percent at cigar bars. The numbers go even higher for those describing themselves as frequent cigar smokers. 

Not only does the preference for shopping at cigar stores support the survey’s findings that cigar smokers are more inclined to be socially active, but it also suggests a customer’s desire to connect with cigar experts and other cigar smokers. The 51 percent who shop online show that online sales are an increasingly important sector of the cigar business. So, maintaining a strong online presence and building marketing strategies around retail settings and other forms of in-person engagement are necessary for success.

Where Are Cigars Typically Smoked

Do people prefer to smoke cigars with friends? While the survey shows cigar smokers typically are more social, it also shows that cigar smokers enjoy more familiar surroundings. All frequent cigar smokers responded that they smoke at home or the home of a friend. Fifty-five percent said they smoke at special events, with the same number responding they also smoked at cigar shops. Cigar bars followed at 53 percent. 

The findings indeed suggest cigar smokers enjoy socializing as well as relaxing at home or with friends, so there are also many marketing possibilities to be found here. The Cigarketing team can help you identify the best strategies to reach your marketing goals. So, whether in the privacy of their own home, at cigar parties, the local cigar lounge, or in your cigar store, homing in on where cigar smokers are smoking their cigars lets you craft a more focused and successful marketing plan.

Where People Find Out About Cigars

Another survey question that offers clues about customer habits addresses where people find out about cigars. This shows where cigar smokers are going for information about the cigars they smoke, but it also sheds light on who they trust most for that information. The answers ranked from the highest percentage of responses to least include:

  1. Cigar Shop
  2. Friends/Family
  3. Magazines 
  4. Cigar Blogs/Websites
  5. Cigar Manufacturer/Brand Website
  6. Social Media

It is not surprising that cigar shops and friends or family are where cigar smokers learn about cigars most. However, with so much emphasis on today’s social media platforms, it is somewhat of a surprise to see social media rank last as a source of cigar information. This minimal social media impact could be due to a lack of trust, time, or other reasons. Still, it only reinforces the need for a strong emotional, in-person connection with cigar customers.

How To Implement These Findings Into Your Cigar Marketing Plan

Do you know a central theme that runs throughout the cigar market survey’s findings? It is the desire of cigar smokers to balance the social aspects of cigar smoking with the need for trusted sources and familiar environments. Therefore, weaving together social engagement, reliable information, and comfortable spaces should be at the heart of any cigar marketing plan. No matter the resource, you can use the information to zero in on the optimal marketing approach to take. Answering three questions will help get you started:

Are My Customers Smoking Alone or in Groups?

What’s the importance of learning whether your customers prefer smoking alone or in groups? Well, it helps bring into focus what customer engagement techniques you can use to build a marketing plan. For example, you might offer those who smoke alone more intimate cigar tastings or online cigar specials. Or you might host larger cigar-smoking gatherings or create a cigar lounge-like atmosphere for the more socially minded.

Do People Prefer To Smoke Cigars With Friends?

Understanding where and with whom your customers prefer to smoke cigars provides a clearer view of how you can increase cigar sales by forming an emotional connection with them. So, you can create a successful plan of action now. Whether those smoking at home with a few friends or those looking to engage with other cigar smokers or industry professionals.

Where Are Customers Getting Information About Cigars?

More sources are available to cigar customers than ever before. However, online sources and social media often prove time-consuming and unreliable. Your cigar store staff is the last line of defense against misinformation. With that, the goal should always be for your cigar shop to be the number one source of cigar knowledge for your customers. A knowledgeable staff is the best way to build trust with customers and ensure sales growth.

Reap The Rewards Of A Stronger Marketing Plan 

Learn your cigar customers’ level of social activity, cigar-smoking preferences, and purchasing habits to create a more effective cigar marketing strategy. Our experienced team is ready to help you translate customer behavioral patterns into a winning cigar marketing plan. So, contact Cigarketing to find out how together we can take your cigar business to another level of success.

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