How Marketing Cigar Accessories Is A Major Key to Growth

 A good cigar marketing plan is crucial to any cigar business’ success, yet the best strategies look beyond strictly cigar sales. You can take your cigar marketing plan to another level by shining a light on cigar accessories. So, let’s look at ways you can market them to complement your cigar sales and become a sales growth superstar.

What are Cigar Accessories?

Cigar accessories cover a broad spectrum of tools cigar smokers use to enhance the cigar smoking experience. They can make an easier, more efficient way to enjoy cigars while adding a touch of flair or ceremony to the occasion. A few of these many cigar lovers rely upon every day to savor their favorite smokes include:

  • Cigar Cutters
  • Cigar Lighters
  • Humidors
  • Humidifiers
  • Hygrometers
  • Travel Cigar Cases
  • Cigar Holders
  • Ashtrays

From cutting and lighting to cigar storage and beyond, accessories are not only useful yet often necessary for properly enjoying a good handmade cigar. For example, our cigars would be dry and in poor smoking condition without humidors and related accessories. Likewise, without a means to cut the cigars, we wouldn’t be able to draw through the cigar and taste the deliciousness of the tobacco. So, accessories are important to cigar enjoyment and, by extension, crucial to cigar sales. 

Cigar Accessories Sales

Cigar accessories are central to how cigar enthusiasts enjoy their cigars, so it’s a segment of your sales that you don’t want to ignore. Stocking a full range of accessories is the best way to complement cigar sales and provide your customers with solutions for all their cigar-smoking needs. In addition, accessories make great gifts, especially during the holiday shopping season. So, pairing respected accessories brands such as Xikar, Colibri, Boveda, and others with top cigar brands makes for a powerful combination that can translate to improved sales growth.

While cigar accessory sales should be considered a vital part of your overall marketing and sales strategy, it can be daunting when deciding which accessories to stock or feature during marketing campaigns. Our marketing specialists can work with you to decide the best cigar accessory plan for your business. So, you can provide your customers with products that will enhance their cigar-smoking experience while building loyalty and greater sales growth opportunities.  

Marketing Your Cigar Accessories Can Grow Your Cigar Business

Since the array of available cigar accessories is vast, the marketing possibilities are equally varied. Your imagination and your marketing goals only limit marketing accessories. So, to help narrow it down, here are a few ways to market accessories to create sales, encourage repeat customers, and grow your cigar business.

Add-On Sales

Add-on sales are a tried and true way to include accessories in a cigar sales transaction. You can steer your customer towards buying accessories by utilizing countertop displays, verbal recommendations, or other means. A customer adding a Boveda Humidipak to a sale is a classic example of a quick and dependable accessory add-on. Show the customer how easy it is to humidify their cigars with Boveda, and their 2 or 3-cigar purchase might turn into 15 or 20 cigars!

Product Demonstrations

A featured product demonstration is a great opportunity to share with customers the latest and greatest gadgets to hit the market. Cigar smokers love their toys, so getting to see an accessory in action with the chance to try it out themselves is tantalizing and can lead to impulse buys. In addition, showcasing specialty cigar cutters during cigar-tasting events is always a crowd-pleaser that can lead to added sales.

Social Media Features

With the rise of digital marketing has come a wide range of cigar accessory marketing options. Highlighting specific accessories or accessory sales events through social media is an effective way to get the word out about your featured cigar accessories. With just one click, you can show a captive audience the latest cigar accessories and special deals they can find at your shop.

Email Campaigns

As with social media, email is a fantastic way to spread the news about new or featured cigar accessories. Whether you want to inform customers of newly arrived products or a special accessory deal as part of a marketing blitz, email campaigns can prove invaluable when growing cigar accessory sales both online and in-store.

Branded Accessories

Another way to bolster cigar accessory sales is through branded cigar accessories. Offering cigar cutters, lighters, cases, and other accessories with your business name and logo is an ideal way to build your brand’s awareness, loyalty, and prestige. In addition, look to brand high-quality exclusive products customers can buy only from you. Not only are branded items a source of pride for you and your customers, yet every time a customer uses the branded accessories in the presence of others is an opportunity to expose someone new to your brand. 

Gift Sets

Gift sets are great for marketing cigar accessories as they allow you to group popular cigar accessories into one neat package, creating enticing sales opportunities. It is a unique way to move merchandise that might require additional marketing techniques while also creating value for your customers. The holiday shopping season is a great time to package cigar accessories in gift sets, especially with cigars, as shoppers search for quick, easy, and thoughtful gifts. These sets can help maintain consistent sales growth during the holidays and throughout the year. 

Deals and Discounts on cigar accessories

Offering special deals or discounts on select cigar accessories is another way to market products to ensure sales growth through in-store promotions, online, or at special events. Accessory deals and discounts help underscore products you want to feature while giving your customers added incentives to buy the items. Tying these price savings to customer reward programs or other customer appreciation activities can create sales opportunities and increase growth.

Cigarketing is Here to Help You Grow Your Cigar Business

Don’t let marketing cigar accessories become an afterthought when designing a winning marketing plan. Instead, actively market cigar accessories to complement cigar sales and build stronger, healthier sales growth for your cigar business. So, start reaping the rewards of including cigar accessories in your marketing strategy, and contact Cigarketing today.

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