Biggest Ranking Factors for Cigar Shops

What are ranking factors and why should you care? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a tool that increases a website’s visibility by “ranking” it top on the Google search engine results page (SERPs). Google constantly changes its SEO algorithm, which makes it hard for cigar shop owners to understand the latest developments and changes in SEO.

However, if you want to target potential customers and increase the visibility of your eCommerce or informational website, you must know the latest updates.

A well-organized cigar shop SEO strategy increases traffic on your website. By understanding the latest ranking factors for cigar shops, owners acquire more leads and sales. Potential customers won’t be able to find the website on the top searches without SEO optimization, which drives more than 1000% of organic traffic compared to organic social media.

Some cigar shop website owners also collaborate with marketing service providers for effective cigar shop digital marketing strategies. According to research by BrightEdge, more than 53.3% of a website’s traffic comes from organic sources. 

Do you want to enhance your cigar shop digital marketing strategy? Read on and learn about the top strategies to boost your cigar shop website.

Understand Ranking Factors in SEO

How Ranking Factors for Cigar Shops Work?

When someone searches for an online cigar shop in their neighborhood, they use keywords on the Google search bar such as “Best Cigar Shops in Miami”. The Google algorithm lists all the top-ranked searches for this keyword. If Google considers your website relevant to that keyword, it ranks your cigar shop on the top. 

While this may seem quite simple, there is a lot more going on. Choosing the right keyword isn’t enough to rank your website on Google’s top searches. You need to provide your audience with quality information.

According to Google’s search quality ratings, the algorithm evaluates the following factors:

  • Nature of the webpage such as cigar shop in your case
  • Content amount and quality
  • Website and content creator’s information
  • Website and content creator’s reputation
  • User experience on the page such as bounce rates and time on page
  • E-A-T, which means Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness

All of these factors play a vital role in determining the SEO ranking of your website. So, if you want to rank higher on the Google search engine, you need to include these factors in cigar shop digital marketing strategies. Keep in mind, Google shows results considering the content’s quality, relevancy, and credibility. So, the most relevant content l appears first on the results.

Top Four Ranking Factors for Google

Let’s understand some critical factors for cigar shop marketing:

1. Domain Age, URL, and Authority

According to a study published by Ahref, almost 60% of websites that ranked top on Google search are three years old or even more. After evaluating two million pages, Ahrefs concluded that only a few recently created websites appeared on the top searches. So, if you use your website domain for a while, you can create a powerful strategy and optimize your content on Google.

Sometimes, the domain name of your cigar shop eCommerce website matters as well. You can choose a domain name that matches the keyword, but Google penalized websites with an exact match to keywords in the past. 

Besides domain, the website’s authority also matters while considering cigar shop SEO strategies. Authority is the combination of great content and off-page SEO signals, which includes social shares and inbound links.

2. Optimized Content

When it comes to eCommerce cigar shop marketing, optimized content is an integral factor of Google SEO ranking. Since, it includes links, quality, and user experience elements; Google’s algorithm easily evaluates them while ranking cigar shop websites.

Keep in mind that Google’s search algorithm mainly depends on keywords. Keywords are those phrases or words that people use to find relevant information. Also, these keywords define the content topics. That’s why using relevant keywords in the content helps cigar shops, marketing teams.

According to Ahref’s statistics, about 70.87% of the keywords with 10,000 monthly searches only include one or two words.

3. Technical SEO

Getting the coding right for your cigar shop website is also important for a better ranking on search engines. If you have little or no technical knowledge about coding, this technique might be intimidating. To help you control the technical cigar shop SEO, check these technical aspects. People without coding experience can use these strategies as well:

  • The page title should include keyword phrases
  • Adding header text  helps create content hierarchy such as title h1, h2, and h3 for subheadings
  • Create a Meta description for user experience
  • Make sure your page looks good on mobile and your pages load quickly.
  • Image alt tags should include keyword phrases as well
  • Schema markup helps Google understand a content’s nature

4. User Experience

Google uses artificial intelligence to evaluate and rank a relevant web page. Experts call this signal RankBrain and it affects the search engine ranking. RankBrain contains different signals, which are as follows:

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate includes the number of people who visit your page and quickly go back to Google’s search engine.

Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate is the percentage of people who visit your website when your store is on top searches.

Dwell Time

Dwell time includes the time a visitor stays on your website.

When visitors land on your website and instantly bounce away, Google considers your site irrelevant for that search term. If more people do the same, then you might find it hard to maintain the top ranking of your website on search engines.

This may also mean that your content doesn’t match the keywords. Therefore, you need to target relevant keywords on your website and it would undoubtedly be a successful cigar shop marketing strategy

When visitors stay on your website for a while, Google considers your content relevant to the keyword. So when you include titles, content, and descriptions while delivering valuable content, your website’s ranking on the search engine boosts.

Why Choose Cigarketing for Cigar Shop SEO Strategy?

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