Best New Year’s Resolutions for Your Cigar Shop

With the New Year finally, here, it can be time for some to make changes in their lives. Of course, it involves the lives of their business. Change is not always an easy thing to bring about. Yet, take note that it is often necessary. With that, we have put together a shortlist of resolutions you can make this New Year. This is specific for your cigars shop that can help grow your business. Surely this will bring you more success in 2022.

New Year New Cigar Inventory

It’s no secret that cigar enthusiasts are always trying to get their hands on the newest and rarest cigars. So the best thing you can do is try to get those cigars into the hands of your customers. This is not a radical idea. In fact, this is probably something you have been trying to incorporate into your shop already. So many cigar shop owners are always trying to get the rare stuff in their humidors. The setback is that they only have so much product to go around. 

But all is not lost. This is even if you were unable to get in as much product allocation as you want last year. Make it a focus this year to try and foster relationships with those brands. That’s how you can get more products this year. If that doesn’t work, then maybe go a different route.

In the world of cigars, there are some genuine diamonds in the rough. These are from smaller companies that don’t get as much attention as they deserve. By bringing in some of these cigars, not only are you offering some new choices to your lineup. Yes, this is for your customer base. Moreover, you are also getting in on the ground floor with a growing cigar manufacturer. That’s a move that can pay off for you later down the road.

Another way to bring in new inventory is with a new house cigar. This is by starting a line of house cigars if your shop does not currently have one. Cigar smokers love lighting up the house cigars of their favorite shops. It’s great for you as the shop owner. It is because your shop is literally the only place where they can buy that cigar . It is also enticing to customers coming in from out of town. These are customers who are looking to try something they have never tried before. In addition to that, it is also a great way to build a stronger relationship. Mainly, with the manufacturer producing the house blend you select.

New inventory is not just limited to cigars. Take this as an opportunity to expand your selection of cigar accessories. New cutters and lighters are always exciting for customers to see when going into their favorite local cigar shop. Try bringing in some new brands, or newlines from brands you already carry. Or, go with something completely new, like a lamp from Maison Berger. Their oil lamps help purify the air, and they have car plug-ins that do the same task. They are great accessories for people who like to smoke inside or in their car but don’t want to deal with the smell of stale smoke. 

New Cigar Events for the New Year

The New Year is a perfect excuse to try out some new types of events at your shop. Many shops had to move away from events during the pandemic. Same as many cigar manufacturers had their sales reps and brand ambassadors working from home. But now, many reps are back on the road, and it’s a great time to host some events again. Here are a few ideas:

Brand Spotlight

This is a great event to highlight either a new brand that you’ve brought into your shop or one that is a staple in your humidor. Plus, it gets your customers involved. Having a brand ambassador there to help teach everyone about the process of their cigars, and give as much information as they can is a great way for cigar enthusiasts to learn more about what they are smoking. Plus, with a brand ambassador or sales rep, they can handle more of the actual sales, giving you higher average sales, and allowing your employees to focus more on customer service, to make the night even more special for your customers.

Game Night

If you have the space and the tables, why not set up some game nights? A huge game that is popular almost universally amongst cigar smokers is poker. Perhaps you could offer a prize to the night’s biggest winner such as a gift certificate to your shop. Another great way to go is with a bingo night. Bingo allows your customers to still sit and enjoy their cigars while playing along. They can be involved, but not too involved to distract them from what they’re smoking. A third great option is a trivia night. The best part about trivia is it can change every week to a new topic, and if you choose to host team trivia, then a lot of your base customers will probably bring in some friends to be a part of their team, leading to more new customers in your shop.

How to Make Your Business Stronger in the New Year

One of the best ways to make your business stronger this year is to join a small business organization. If you have not already done so, then time to do it. For owners of cigar shops, the Premium Cigar Association or PCA, formerly known as IPCPR, is a great resource. Their main goal is to help you improve your bottom line. They also put on the biggest buying event of the year with the PCA Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada every year. This is a great way to meet brands in person and see what new products are coming out firsthand, and try them for yourself before they are released to the public before you decide to bring them into your shop.

Another great type of small business organization to join is the chamber of commerce. Most businesses are already associated with their local chamber of commerce for the city or town they operate in, but there are also chambers of commerce that represent minority groups such as the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, or the Asian American and Pacific Islander Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship that can be a great resource for business owners who are eligible. 

Taking these steps and joining a community of business owners is a great way to make your business stronger for the year to come.

Increasing Your Online Presence in the New Year

Increasing your online presence is perhaps the most important resolution you can make for the New Year. These days, if you do not have a strong presence online and on social media, then you are falling behind the competition. Especially as the younger generation becomes the next age of cigar aficionados, it becomes increasingly important to make sure you are strong with your online skills to make sure you can attract the younger range (21+) of cigar consumers. 

Making Sure Your Website is Up to Par

Your business’s website is your bread and butter. Just as you view the look of your shop as the first thing new customers see when they encounter your business, you should view your website the same way. New customers will likely view your website before coming into your shop so that they can understand more about your business and make sure they are walking into a comfortable environment, so make sure your website looks good and gives adequate information about your cigar shop and the other services you offer. Other services can include your bar and the accessories that you sell.

Keeping Your Social Media Relevant

There are many small businesses, both in the cigar industry and out, that do not keep up with their social media accounts. If you have a social media account for your shop, then you need to make sure that it is kept up to date. Because potential customers do not like to look at a shop’s social media feed and see that there have been no updates in a long time. 

In order to keep your consumer confidence high, it is important to make sure that your social media accounts for your business are up to date. If you don’t have social media accounts for your business, then now is a great time to get them started, and treat that as your New Year’s Resolution,

Now, we understand that not everybody is good at social media or online presence, or really even just getting the name of your business out there. But, that’s where Cigarketing can help you. Our time of online and social media experts can make sure that your business gets the online representation that you deserve. If you are interested in learning more about our services, then visit our website and contact us and we will be sure to be in touch with you.

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