4 Ways to Enhance your Smoke Shop Website

The premium cigar industry experienced a boom in the 1990s yet the majority of marketing strategies for the smoke shop website have remained the same. According to Tobacco Business, millennials and gen z consumers respond to marketing in a very different way from previous generations.

With millennials now representing the largest consumer base, digital marketing, and experience-based shopping have become crucial for brands to earn customers. In today’s market, customer relationship begins virtually. 

In order to bring the modern cigar smoker into your shop, you first have to entice them with your online presence. Your website has never been more important than it is today. In today’s post, we highlight just a few ways to enhance your smoke shop website to appeal to modern smokers.

1. Start with Aesthetics 

First impressions are everything. Unless they have walked by your store before, most customers will look up local cigar shops on Google or Yelp and then proceed to your website.

Antiquated looking smoke shop websites will turn off younger consumers almost immediately. And they will likely not return. It’s okay to design your site with a classic vibe, but make sure the general interface is clean, modern and captures the aesthetic of your brand.

2. Focus on User Interface

In addition to creating a good-looking website, it has to work for your users. User interface and user experience are essential not just for converting customers but for general SEO.

Make your website easy to navigate. Make it obvious where customers can immediately find basic information such as store hours, location, contact info, and product information. 

At Cigarketing, we work closely with our customers to understand their customers and preferences to create the best user experience possible. 

3. Harness the power of POS data 

First, consider investing in a modernized point of sale (POS) system. Most modern POS systems come with analytics dashboards to help you gain further insights about your customers and their preferences. Leverage your POS data further and provide quick links to your most popular products in your main menu on your website. 

4. Integrate Customer Service 

The best retail websites are not static pages. Incorporate live chat or comment fields where customers can converse directly with you. Even if you do not engage in e-commerce, most customer service now occurs online. 


At Cigarketing, we help companies build modernized websites that customers love and that are optimized for search engines. We’re passionate about the premium cigar industry. Want to be the best cigar shop in your area? Let us help you.

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